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Big Brother is watching YOU


Big Brother

Big Brother (Photo credit: Sunil Photos)


DID you know?  There are DRONES flying ALL OVER the place in the U.S.  Some are PRIVATELY OWNED, others are owned by FEMA, FBI, CIA,  MILITARY, and even CITY POLICE depts are buying them.  I was just reading where the International Police Chiefs Association is urging police NOT TO ARM their drones!  I don’t know about you, but Big Brother is getting on my nerves.  Yes, I can think of several scenarios where this could be handy; but, unfortunately, I can think of WAY TOO MANY scenarios that could be unconstitutional, illegal, and just plain homicidal!



Impeach Obama NOW!!!

English: President Barack Obama and First Lady...

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, professor Joachim Sauer

I am TIRED of hearing, saying, seeing the non-American name: Obama.

Obama hasn’t done anything for blacks specifically. everyone expected that he would try to make more jobs for blacks, reduce black on black crime, create better educational opportunities, etc. instead what he has done is to make it easier for immigrants and illegal aliens to enter and remain in the USA. Today more blacks are unemployed than four years ago. There is more black gang activity than ever before in America. Black homicides are the highest in history. He has adulterated the Constitution. The presidency ONLY runs the country according to policy of the masses. What has he done? He made his own policies without going thru congress. He spent billions of dollars without approval. He sent 1.5 billion dollars to the muslim brotherhood. He had NO RIGHT to do that without first getting congressional approval. I can go on all day. I am not fighting about mexicans, I am bitching about how he has thrown his own people to the wayside. He is out of control and MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Power of/in/from the pulpit

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

A REAL leader!

I just read about New York City evicting Churches from schools.  So-called “separation of Church and State.”   Our current President, Obama, and previously, George Bush, have butchered our constitution.  Why did YOU let this happen? Why did our “Preachers” let it happen? Why are African Americans letting it happen?  Remember power of the people?  Remember (in the 60’s) “Power TO the people?”

Remember Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Do you know this is “Black Power” month.  I said “Black Power” because, if you think of it, that’s essentially what it boils down to.  And I say this in good ways, not bad.  MLK WENT OUT TO THE PEOPLE, and WITH THE PEOPLE he made THE PEOPLE’s FEELINGS CLEAR!  No coward, he!  A great, brave, decent American man.

So why are YOU and the pulpit talking empty words and NOT following the advice of Jesus?  Jesus wasnt the little sheep everyone depicts him as.  He was bold, candid, brave, punky, spunky, sometimes rude, and combative.  He cared enough to risk his life for others.

He made all types of sacrifices for others.  Malcom X, whom I admit I despise, was courageous enough to march against our evil government. What is WRONG with YOU standing up against our demonic “leaders”?

If YOU don’t get out and DO something to STOP the anti-Christian U.S. Government then we all face certain doom.  Sooner than you think.


English: This monument pays tribute to Harry L...

Everybody is complaining about not enough jobs.  Actually, there are more jobs than it seems.  The REAL problem is the lack of workers’ rights.  Too many states utilize the “right to work” standard.  It is a misnomer.  The actuality of that farce is “the right to fire” standard.  Basically, it states that everyone has a right to work and quit without reprisal; and companies have a right to fire at will without reprisal. So in other words, employees are disposable like toilet tissue.  Use it then toss it.  Workers need to REBEL.  PICKET.  BOYCOTT.  Stop taking the shit!  You make them more money than they pay you.  You don’t OWE your employer anything!  Get out of the box and be heard.  Jump on your state politicians;  enlist your friends.  DO SOMETHING!

Today’s word for idiots:

A salami sandwich

say: SAND WICH !

Okay, today my biggest bitch is professional people who don’t know how to talk.  Listen to daddy Dave and I will teach you how to talk.  Our first word (are you looking, TV producers and actors?) is SANDWICH.  This is especially for you, Jimmy Dean.  It is NOT sam-mitch!  You other pretentious morons this is for you:   it is NOT sam-widge!  Let’s all take a deep breath now and follow me:  “sand”, and now, “which”!

Now all together: “sand“.  Good!  Now let’s say “wich“.  Excellent!  Now let’s put it all together.  Ready?  Here we go SANDWICH.  That is what we eat.  Now if I hear you say it wrong again I’m going to slap the piss out of you.

Here is another talking thing that grinds my gears.  People (especially women and gays) that hang their sentences like everything is a question. Example: “Having my own blog is cool.”  How do they say it?  What’s the difference?  “cool” suddenly goes up an octave and hangs like a question mark.

eye-eeee.  WTF?  “i.e” is an abbreviation, in latin, meaning “that is”  It is two syllables.  “That is” is also two syllables.  So why not say “that is” instead of saying “i.e.”?  It uses the same vocal energy and time.  Hearing most people speak “i.e.” sounds like a pig squealing.

Ever notice people who barely open their mouths when they talk?  What about people who mumble?  Another good one is people who use the wrong words; or worse yet, mispronounce everything.  What the hell goes on in schools these days?  Are the students not listening or are the teachers not teaching?  How do these people even get through college?  It must be part of a conspiricy; That’s it!

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