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e-Cigarettes and virtual smoke screens

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Choose your poison

I just read a bull shit article touting the safety and benefits of using electronic cigarettes.  Now I am so pissed at idiocy.  I am a scientist, how do these media fools think they can fool me??  Firstly, these e-cigarettes dose you with nicotine.  Let’s start with that.  They tout that nicotine is as harmless as caffeine.  This is an out-right lie.  Nicotine causes atherosclerosis — hardening of the arteries.  This condition is non-reversible.  Nicotine can also raise blood pressure to your organs and over time may damage them.

Another fraudulent claim is that there is no second-hand smoke.  Poppycock!  It may not be smoke but it is a visible vapor that contains nicotine, the users germs, and bad breath, and respiratory vapor i.e. LUNG CRUD.  I don’t want to breathe that crap!  Do YOU?  Here is yet another fraudulent claim:  It will help you quit smoking.  I really doubt that.  The victim (smoker?) is still getting nicotine, is still irritating the lungs, and is still feeding the psychological habit.

If I open another restaurant I will have prominently displayed “NO SMOKING OR ARTIFICIAL SMOKING DEVICES!”  I encourage other workplaces to follow suit and protect our workers and patrons.

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