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Impeach Obama NOW!!!

English: President Barack Obama and First Lady...

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, professor Joachim Sauer

I am TIRED of hearing, saying, seeing the non-American name: Obama.

Obama hasn’t done anything for blacks specifically. everyone expected that he would try to make more jobs for blacks, reduce black on black crime, create better educational opportunities, etc. instead what he has done is to make it easier for immigrants and illegal aliens to enter and remain in the USA. Today more blacks are unemployed than four years ago. There is more black gang activity than ever before in America. Black homicides are the highest in history. He has adulterated the Constitution. The presidency ONLY runs the country according to policy of the masses. What has he done? He made his own policies without going thru congress. He spent billions of dollars without approval. He sent 1.5 billion dollars to the muslim brotherhood. He had NO RIGHT to do that without first getting congressional approval. I can go on all day. I am not fighting about mexicans, I am bitching about how he has thrown his own people to the wayside. He is out of control and MUST BE STOPPED!!!

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