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Everybody is complaining about not enough jobs.  Actually, there are more jobs than it seems.  The REAL problem is the lack of workers’ rights.  Too many states utilize the “right to work” standard.  It is a misnomer.  The actuality of that farce is “the right to fire” standard.  Basically, it states that everyone has a right to work and quit without reprisal; and companies have a right to fire at will without reprisal. So in other words, employees are disposable like toilet tissue.  Use it then toss it.  Workers need to REBEL.  PICKET.  BOYCOTT.  Stop taking the shit!  You make them more money than they pay you.  You don’t OWE your employer anything!  Get out of the box and be heard.  Jump on your state politicians;  enlist your friends.  DO SOMETHING!

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