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Has anybody noticed?

English: Homeless person in Tallinn, Estonia.

I bet he’d like a Big Mac and Chocolate Milkshake!

Has anybody noticed what a vile, filthy world this has become?  I mean, I know you know times have changed but have you simply sat down and given it a serious thought?  The environment, politics, the types of crime, lack of remorse, churches closing, and everyone just partying.  WTF has happened?  Kids go missing and if found were molested and killed, 89-year-old women are raped and brutally murdered,  families kill themselves, school kids are taught it’s ok to masturbate their friends because it isn’t “sex”.  Every year there becomes a dozen new ways to get high.  People throw out four billion tons of food a year while others DIE for the lack of food. There are places on earth where the people are lucky to get one glass of water a day, which, by the way, is technically not fit for drinking.  Why, all this?  And where do you fit in?  How do YOU contribute to the filth?  Do you recycle?  Do you waste food?  Do you turn off the lights when not really needed?  Have you taken a Big Mac meal and a Chocolate shake to a homeless person that you never met before?  Have you ever prayed for the kids that went to bed hungry last night.  Just a little food for thought…..

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