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American Women


Petition from Carrie Chapman Catt of the Natio...

Petition from Carrie Chapman Catt of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, 04/13/1917 (page 1 of 2) (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)


American Women should be seen as the leading Hero’s of the world.  Stop and think:  They were dragged thru the mud and treated just the same way as Muslims treat their woman today.  Yet the American Women stood up and fought back!  They fought hard for equality.  And to this very day they STILL struggle with discrimination.  They have to fight for equal pay, equal say, and for the rights to decide what to do with their own bodies and health.  A seemingly never-ending struggle.  BUT THEY STILL STAND THEIR GROUND!


What will American women do if Islam succeeds in taking over America?  Thanks to Obama, it has gotten a foot in the door!


WHY don’t Women in other countries have the courage and desire to become liberated?  I am a man, but if I were female,  I would risk my life to encourage rebellion.  I know if i WAS KILLED THAT someone WOULD PICK UP WHERE i LEFT OFF.




American Women, I salute you.  You are true HERO’S that the world should admire…….if not fear.




(I know that it should be “Heroin”  but it just doesn’t work.  A Hero is a Hero by any other name)



Power of/in/from the pulpit

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

A REAL leader!

I just read about New York City evicting Churches from schools.  So-called “separation of Church and State.”   Our current President, Obama, and previously, George Bush, have butchered our constitution.  Why did YOU let this happen? Why did our “Preachers” let it happen? Why are African Americans letting it happen?  Remember power of the people?  Remember (in the 60’s) “Power TO the people?”

Remember Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Do you know this is “Black Power” month.  I said “Black Power” because, if you think of it, that’s essentially what it boils down to.  And I say this in good ways, not bad.  MLK WENT OUT TO THE PEOPLE, and WITH THE PEOPLE he made THE PEOPLE’s FEELINGS CLEAR!  No coward, he!  A great, brave, decent American man.

So why are YOU and the pulpit talking empty words and NOT following the advice of Jesus?  Jesus wasnt the little sheep everyone depicts him as.  He was bold, candid, brave, punky, spunky, sometimes rude, and combative.  He cared enough to risk his life for others.

He made all types of sacrifices for others.  Malcom X, whom I admit I despise, was courageous enough to march against our evil government. What is WRONG with YOU standing up against our demonic “leaders”?

If YOU don’t get out and DO something to STOP the anti-Christian U.S. Government then we all face certain doom.  Sooner than you think.

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