About Me

About me:  My name is David James Goodwin.  I just moved back to Elmira from Tennessee.  I loved the south but I retired from there as a firefighter and, believe it or not, missed Elmira.  I worked at the famous Carnegie five-star hotel as the executive sous chef for many years.  My food appeared in several publications i.e. Southern Living Magazine (brag, brag).  I am an active Culinary Consultant at this time.

As a firefighter I made it to Captain/Public Safety Officer.  Yes I saved several lives.  I thank the Lord that I was able to do that.  There is no better feeling!

And yes, I’m the guy that (as a kid) went to prison for negligent homicide.  I was 17 and shared alcohol with a younger friend who then had a fatal asthma attack.  Years after getting out of prison I was finally offered a polygraph, which I passed.  I was railroaded into trial because it was a political election year.

But you know what?  I survived!  I became strong!  And after many attempts on my life, I realized God must be saving me for something.  Well, here I am folks, two college degrees, non-alcoholic, and never used drugs.  I have come a long way and I am grateful.

My opinions are based on MY perception of reality.  I DO NOT believe in bigotry, prejudice, or discrimination!  If you have a problem with my opinions, just remember:  This is America.





  1. Your blog seems like a nice little mix of everything! I enjoyed what I read & your personal journey is equally as interesting.

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