Religion: Predestiny


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I have been asked my opinion on “predestination”.  Here it is.  Please keep in mind that my views are based on my many theological studies over the decades and are not based on whimsy or personal preference.  We all want to believe that we are in existence for a good reason, preferably one that is in our favor.  That is human nature.  Unfortunately, some beliefs interfere with our personal desire; that is, that we are pre-determined to have a great, fun life, and a wonderful demise.  Catholics and some muslims believe — erroneously — that God created each individual for a specific reason.  Some are intentionally created deformed, for example.  Further, some are created as killers.  This is poppy-cock!  Some believe that God created all existence — but NOT man — with a specific intent and a specific end. Wherein man is the only variable in God’s great plan.  Now THIS belief is much mor plausible.


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I am a professional Chef/culinary consultant and volunteer firefighter. I have an opinion on everything! I say what I think and have no reservations about it.

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