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The First Conspiracy

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Everything today is tainted by the younger generation as having a conspiracy linked to it.  Apollo and the moon walk, JFK, 9-11, Iraq, Pudgie’s Pizza recipes, etc.  I am an amateur scientist, and I mainly study particle (quantum) physics.

Not bragging but this matters here; my I.Q. was 142 back in the 1980’s.  Now granted I have aged just a couple of years since then, which may have lowered my I.Q. a little, but I freakin know I’m smarter than some of these weirdos with whackey minds!  Anybody who properly completed high school knows that you CAN make an impression (i.e, foot print in moon dust) in a vacuum.  Yet the conspirators say it’s impossible.

Does a flag wave in a vacuum (i.e. space)?  If you are handling it, as in planting it, yes. It has a transfer of energy from you into it and the in-motion energy continues from your arm into the flag staff and into the flag.  Enough about the moon.  I could go on with the other “theories”  but I liken it to arguing with a child.

What causes these “youngers” to come up with all this crap?  Most of them should not have graduated high school, let alone go to college.  Did you ever notice their atrocious spelling?  Or how about not knowing such minor vocabulary like, “superfluous”.

I was responsible for hiring cooks and chefs (yes, there is a BIG difference).  I would review an application that stated completion of culinary school.  I would call the school and verify   everything.So I hire the dude and lo and behold!  Make me a bechamel with thyme, please.”  “What?”, he says.  I repeat to which he asks whats that?  was there a conspiracy by the school to piss me off?


About Davie Says

I am a professional Chef/culinary consultant and volunteer firefighter. I have an opinion on everything! I say what I think and have no reservations about it.

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