Whitey Thugs

Okay.  Hardcore comment here.  These white boy (I’m white) wanna-be thugs make me wanna puke every time I see one.  I don’t know which makes me wanna hurl more:  looking at them or listening to them.  Get a grip dudes!  I kinda feel sorry for you cuz I know you have an identity crisis.  You don’t know who or what you want to be so you just go with the flow and follow all the other losers.

Did you know that you belong to a different culture than the one you are trying to squeeze in to?  Square pegs don’t fit into round holes.  And by the way, this opinion has absolutely nothing to do with African-Americans, aside from the fact that you make them sick too.   You look so stupid — no,retarded– with your hats and bandanas, and freaky finger signs.  I have two universal finger signs: one is all fingers suggesting “hello”, the other is one finger, suggesting “up yours, freak”.

The last thug I got near enough to give me the evil look and puffed his chest out at me.  I said “It’s on, dude”  he quickly said “We cool bra”.  Bra?  Good grief!


About Davie Says

I am a professional Chef/culinary consultant and volunteer firefighter. I have an opinion on everything! I say what I think and have no reservations about it.

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